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"Relationships still matter more than transactions."
Jeff Teichert, Founder

General Counsel

When small and medium businesses are forming and growing, they need guidance to make sure they are doing business under the proper legal entity, using legal documents that meet their unique needs, and navigating the regulatory environment.  Legal representation is the cornerstone of a successful business and we are here to help! We offer general counsel services that offer expert legal advice and are packaged to facilitate a long-term relationship of trust.  By having Teichert Law in your corner, you will always have someone to ask those tough legal questions.
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Jeff Teichert

Jeff Teichert
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Jeff Teichert
Serving Utah
Salt Lake, Davis, Utah and Weber Counties

Asset Protection, Business Succession and Estate Planning

Jeff Teichert’s estate and business asset protection practice focuses on helping business owners enhance their lives today and secure their futures tomorrow. He excels in guiding clients through the confusing maze of financial, legal, and business decisions to ensure the well-being of their families and businesses. His more than twenty years of legal expertise includes protection of assets from litigation, business counsel services, asset protection strategies, and values-based planning.
Trust and Estate Planning
Protect your loved ones and prevent family conflict!
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Business Asset Protection
Protect your hard earned assets and gain peace of mind.
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Business CounSEl
Let an expert handle your legal issues and spend your time on what makes you money.
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